19 February 2011

A Penitent's Prayer before the Crucifix

O Lord Jesus Christ crucified,
each of the wounds and injustices You suffered
during Your passion are the result of my sin.
I have caused Your suffering,
yet You suffer for me
with complete docility to the Will of the Father.
As You have given over Your human life for my soul,
granting to me a love that has abundance beyond all compare,
so, too, may I love You not with my human love,
but by offering Your love for me in return to You.
Therefore, previous Saviour, will You be loved
as is fitting for You, by Your own holy, divine, and abundant love.
As Your poured Yourself out for me and all sinners on the cross,
assist me Holy Spirit, by your grace, in pouring out myself to God:
so that myself is destroyed;
so that my human will in made totally subject to the Divine Will;
so that I may not live, but You, Holy Trinity, live in me.


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