05 February 2011

Today's Saints: Exemplars for All

5 FEBRUARY 2011. From the Roman Martryology for today:

At Catana in Sicily, in the time of Emperor Decius and the judge Quinctian, the birthday of St. Agatha, virgin and martyr. After being buffeted, imprisoned, tortured, racked, dragged over pieces of earthenware and burning coals, and having her breasts cut away, she completed her sacrifice in prison while engaged in prayer.

At Nagasaki in Japan, the passion of twenty-six martyrs. Three priests, one cleric, and two lay brothers were members of the Order of Friars Minor; one cleric was of the Society of Jesus, and seventeen belonged to the Third Order of St. Francis. All of them, placed upon crosses for the Catholic faith, and pierced with lances, gloriously died in praising God and preaching that same faith. Their names were added to the roll of saints by Pope Pius IX.

In Pontus, during the persecution of Maximian, the commemoration of many holy martyrs, some of whom had molten lead poured on them, others had sharp reeds thrust under their nails, and were often horribly tormented in many other ways. Thus, by their glorious suffering, they deserved to receive at the hands of God palms of victory and their crowns.

At Alexandria, during the persecution of Decius, St. Isidore, martyr, who was beheaded for the faith of Christ by Numerian, general of the army.

At Vienne, blessed Avitus, bishop and confessor, whose faith, labors, and admirable learning protected France against the ravages of the Arian heresy.

At Sabion in the Tyrol, St. Genuinus, bishop, whose illustrious life abounded in miracles. His revered body was afterwards taken to Brixen where a shrine was erected in his honor.

At Brixen, St. Albinus, bishop, who moved the Episcopal See from Sabion to that city, and there, eminent by virtue of his miracles, passed to the Lord.

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