25 February 2012

You are the real princes.

25 FEBRUARY 2012. Today at midmorning prayer in celebration of the elevation of Archbishop Timothy Dolan to cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Dolan gave the faithful a look into his usual and signature Midwestern humility by honoring the faithful and the larger community in the Archdiocese of New York:
I say to you New Yorkers today: "You are the real princes." I come from a town of St. Louis that boasts: This Bud's for you. But I say this morning, New York, this hat's for you. New York: your light, your goodness, yes, your holiness is preeminent; and, I'm proud to call you, Your Eminence.
While not altogether within the geographic community of the Diocese of New York, all the country is proud to acclaim Cardinal Dolan, and Cardinal O'Brien, as lights of the faith.

Congratulations from AS. The prayers of we and all the faithful go with you in all that you do to be shepherds of the Church.

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