03 June 2012

Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart

To be made every day during the Month:

O Lord Jesus, I consecrate my heart to Thee;
place it in Thine.
It is therein I wish to breathe,
to love, to live unknown to men,
and known only to Thee.
It is in this Sacred Heart
I shall derive those loving ardours
which should consume mine;
it is there I shall find strength, light, courage,
and true consolation.
When sad, it will rejoice me;
when languishing, it will animate me;
when troubled and disquieted, it will encourage
and uphold me.
O Heart of Jesus,
may my heart be the altar of Thy love.
May my tongue publish thy bounty,
my mind meditate on Thy perfections,
my memory preserve forever
the precious remembrance of Thy mercies.
May all in me express my love for Thy Heart, O Jesus,
and may my heart be disposed to offer Thee
every sacrifice.

O Heart of Mary, the most amiable, compassionate
and merciful after that of Jesus,
present to His Divine Heart,
my love, my resolutions, my consecration.
It will be moved by my miseries:
it will deliver me from them;
and, O Blessed Mother,
having been my protectress on earth,
thou wilt be my Queen in heaven.


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