24 May 2010

Translation of our Holy Father Dominic

24 MAY 2010. Today the Dominican Order celebrates the memorial of the first translation of Saint Dominic's remains.

Saint Dominic died at Bologna on 6 August 1221, and was buried at the Church of Saint Nicholas of the Vineyards at Bologna. After his death, many people claimed to be healed at Father Dominic's tomb, but the other members of the Order were reluctant to acknowledge miracles, in fear of arousing superstition. However, at the urging of Pope Gregory IX, Saint Dominic's remains were moved to a simple marble sarcophagus. This translation of Saint Dominic's remains occurred on Pentecost Tuesday, 24 May 1233, and began officially Father Dominic's canonization process. Saint Dominic was canonized on 3 July 1234, by Pope Gregory IX.

In A.D. 1267, Saint Dominic's remains were translated a second time to their present resting place at the Basilica of Saint Dominic in Bologna.

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