14 October 2012

The Year of Faith

14 OCTOBER 2012. In these first days of the year of faith, I will begin a prayer effort that Catholics take more advantage of the opportunities to truly learn the depth and beauty of the faith from reasoned truth.

As St. Thomas Aquinas taught, while God reveals articles of faith to us through Divine revelation, some of those articles of faith can be learned without the benefit of Divine revelation (e.g., the existence of God, who was discovered by Aristotle, although Aristotle did not call Him by the name of the Israelites--I am) and some of those articles of faith cannot be penetrated by the human mind and can only be known by Divine revelation (e.g., the Holy Trinity and the Incarnation). For the endeavors of the faithful in this Year of Faith, how better to engage with the Church than to truly explore this integrative relationship of faith and reason?

Stay tuned . . . .


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