03 October 2012

Wonderful Words from the Holy Father on the Mass

3 OCTOBER 2012. On the eve of the feast day of St. Francis, our Seraphic Father, today brings this gem from The Holy Father's general audience this morning:

It is not the individual priest or member of the faithful, or the group, which celebrates the liturgy. Rather, the liturgy is primarily the action of God through the Church with all her history, her rich tradition and her creativity. This universality and fundamental openness, which is specific to all the liturgy, is one of the reasons for which it cannot be invented or modified by a single community or by experts, but must remain faithful to the forms of the universal Church.

The Church becomes fully visible in the liturgy, the Holy Father concluded, "the act by which we believe that God enters our lives and we can encounter Him. The act in which ... He comes to us and we are illuminated by Him.

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