20 October 2010

et alia

20 OCTOBER 2010. Today the Church receives with joy 24 new cardinals. A few day's ago, the communion of saints grew by six. These days are interesting and exciting indeed. But your author is tired.

For any reader who is (or was) a regular visitor to these pages, I apologize for the lack of prose production over the last many weeks. The third child in our household (8 weeks old today) is putting quite a dent in restful sleep, which is to say:--we are getting none. Aside from that, work is very busy and my time seems to be entirely overloaded between the office and home. I am still trying to be diligent with the daily office, which is a true blessing of peace and holy joy in daily life, but even that has suffered as other duties have burgeoned.

I continue to pray for those who find these pages and ask that you pray for us.

02 October 2010

The Good - Christ

2 OCTOBER 2010. Today I spent the morning with other families at my daughter's weekly soccer (football for those outside the U.S.) scrimmage. The other parents were carrying on conversations about how many video games each household had and how many video game systems. One father bragged that his family had every game system currently available and more than a 100 games. I didn't participate in the conversation, just listened. Our household does not have a game system. And, we have one television. But the conversation got me to thinking about what people of my generation (35-45 years old) personally thought was the good they should strive for in today's world.

So, here is my reflection:

The good is not technology.
Technology and technological devices are merely a means.
The good is not our possessions.
Possessions can enslave us.
A life lived in service of our possessions and acquiring more
is not a life lived in search of the good.
The good is Christ.
A means to Christ is prayer.
A means to Christ is love of family
and community and those we find difficult.
A means to Christ is care for those in need.
A means to Christ is quiet contemplation of God
and the unlimited love He has poured into us.
A means to Christ is to empty myself to be filled by the Holy Spirit.
Happiness is not the end of life, but true joy is found in Christ.

Am I in step with my generation, or out?