29 April 2014

Saint Catherine of Siena

St Catherine of Siena, the saint whose feast on April 29 has been chosen as the day Prince William and Kate Middleton will marry next year, was the daughter of an Italian cloth dyer.  
29 APRIL 2014. Today we celebrate her Feast, our spiritual Mama: patroness of the Dominican laity.

In your nature,
eternal Godhead,
I shall come to know my nature.
And what is my nature, boundless love?
It is fire,
because you are nothing but a fire of love.
And you have given humankind
a share in this nature,
for by the fire of love
you created us.
And so with all other people
and every created thing;
you made them out of love.
O ungrateful people!
What nature has your God given you?
His very own nature!
Are you not ashamed to cut yourself off from such a noble thing
through the guilt of deadly sin?
O eternal Trinity,
my sweet love!
You, light,
give us light.
You, wisdom,
give us wisdom.
You, supreme strength,
strengthen us.
Today, eternal God,
let our cloud be dissipated
so that we may perfectly know and follow your Truth
in truth,
with a free and simple heart.
God, come to our assistance!
Lord, make haste to help us!

27 April 2014



We are all called to be saints. These two popes have offered us exemplars in our contemporary world of sainthood lived.

Pope Saint John XXIII, pray for us!
Pope Saint John Paul II, pray for us!

IMAGE: By Marco Foppoli.

20 April 2014

Christ is risen, alleluia!

Easter Card 201420 APRIL 2014. Today, the holiest day of the year, we the Christian faithful celebrate the world turned upside down. Our world--in fact,we ourselves--are different because of what happened on this Easter morning. Christ, having been brutally killed and subjected to much torture and humiliation before, has risen from the dead.

He was dead--not metaphorically, but actually. His body lay in the tomb. Then, He rose from the dead! By doing this, everything changed! Our world is no longer the dominion of death or the devil. We now live in God's kingdom, given to us by the love of God poured out on us, for us.

Return to Him who has died and risen for us--for each of us--all that you have to offer. Because, everything has changed!