19 February 2013

Blessed Alvarez of Cordoba

19 FEBRUARY 2013. Being the season of Lent, the regular observance of memorials is more limited, so we say that today the Order commemorates Blessed Alvarez of Cordoba.

Blessed Alavarez was born at Zamora, Spain in about A.D. 1350. He entered the Order of Preachers in 1368, where he preached throughout Spain and Italy. He established the Priory of Scala Caeli at Cordoba, where he promoted regular religious life. He is credited with spreading the practice of the Way of the Cross throughout Western Europe by his preaching and contemplation of the Lord's passion. He died at Cordoba on 19 February 1430.

11 February 2013

Prayer for Pope Benedict XVI (on the occassion of his renunciation of the Petrine ministry)

The world of faith stands quieted,
can it truly be that Our Holy Father has,
given the flock over to the uncertainty?
To a successor to be chosen by princes?
We stop, partly saddened. Wonderment in full.
What will happen next, O God?

We trust in You!
We offer our Holy Father to Your loving care!
Thank you for the gift of the pontificate
of Joseph Ratzinger, for all the world and for all time,
Benedict XVI!

Our sadness now parts;
we trust in You as our Holy Father has
shown us so great a model of trust.
The world, O Lord, cannot overcome You.
The world can never get too big for God.
In this moment, and in all our moments,
You are lovingly with us.
So, we trust in Your care and protection, Lord Jesus.

O Holy Spirit, help the Church in this time of transition.
Be Her guide in all that is done and that transpires
over the coming weeks and months.
The faithful abandon ourselves to You, Loving Lord.
And, assist in a most special way, keeping him always near you,
our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI.
As he has served the Church and You, Lord, faithfully,
so may we, the people of God, be faithful to him in this hour.

Blessed Virgin Mary, pray for us all, and bring to your Son,
these prayers and petitions.