11 September 2017

et alia

11 SEPTEMBER 2017. Today we commemorate dramatic events in the life of these United States, not the terrible terrorist attacks in our country, but the response of faith in God and in our country's principles of freedom that have endured.

Running on at the keyboard:

Is our country perfect? No. Have we made mistakes as a nation and as a government? Yes. Is our country superior to other nations? Even if we are militarily, economically, financially, or in some other way superior, by objective standards, we should always have the humility as a people to look at ways that we can assist others, not focus on our relative strengths.

What about those who protest at the playing of the National Anthem? What about them? They have a right to do that, but ignore them. Nothing defeats error like the light of truth.

What about all those alt-right nationalists and others who propose a racial, nationalistic superiority of the Anglo-Saxon portion of America? See the response above. I believe these people speak from fear and ignorance - always a deadly combination for both the soul and the intellect.

I believe most people are angry in our country because they truly have no idea just how good we have things. They are angry that more of their wants and desires are not met. They are angry because they are spiritually unsatisfied and,thus, cannot find rest in anything else.

President Trump was not the answer to this, he was just less objectionable to a greater portion of the electorate, as calculated by the Electoral College.  Why was Trump less objectionable? I believe, he is more traditional, even where that tradition has negative connotations.

Speaking of tradition, I pray that the new motu proprio on liturgical translations issued a few days ago, Magnum principium, will not lead Bishops anywhere to water down the faith. Bishops, challenge the faithful with the beauty, the wonder, the logic, the soundness of our faith. Elevate the character of worship beyond a meal among friends: it is truly an interaction with the Divine, with He who created the world, and sacrificed Himself for us.

Speaking of bishops, my heartfelt thanks to the Holy Father for sending our corner of Northwest Florida, Bishop William Wack.

Please Bishop Wack, drop the "Bishop Bill" nomenclature and be receptive to your flock by the wisdom and humility of your office. But, be our Bishop. We need you and our hearts are open to you and our Lord.

Please pray for everyone who is suffering from natural disaster.

Hurricane Irma was a storm that got much attention. So did Hurricane Harvey. But, how many others suffer in obscurity? Please, pray for them.

Dear readers, please pray for me, and I will pray for you.