17 September 2009

Man vs. God: The Myth

17 SEPTEMBER 2009. In the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal for September 12 and 13, the paper ran what (from the title) I hoped to be an insightful and thoughtful debate of God's role in the life of humanity today. Indeed, the premise of the essay seemed promising:
We commissioned Karen Armstrong and Richard Dawkins to respond independently to the question "Where does evolution leave God?" Neither knew what the other would say. Here are the results.
However, it did not take even a complete read of the two responses to recognize that something essential was missing--a protagonist for the faithful--for God. Dawkins, being Dawkins, said that God has never existed. His essay is littered with poor reasoning in support of his unbelief. But, worse, is that opposite Dawkins (where one would supposedly find the opposite view--that of the faithful), was a piece by Karen Armstrong who, among other things, boils down the bible to a type of primitive psychology and condenses religion into merely a human panacea to address the hardships of life with a degree of serenity.

Where is God? Where is the beautiful vision of faith and love and salvation that so many billions of us around the world experience through the sacraments and the Church?

All of that is sadly missing. The paper should have described the two pieces in this fashion:
Two prominent thinkers discuss how Darwin's theory of evolution has influenced their view that God does not exist, one takes a limited scientific approach and the other places the idea of God in the context of socially addressing a sense of comfort to combat human suffering.
While a fine publication for business and political news, the Wall Street Journal really failed to provide a thoughtful and balanced essay that lives up the standards that we readers have come to expect. I was truly disappointed.


  1. How pitiful. this is the reason our values are so distorted and how we are being constantly brainswashed with the "ways of the world". it would have been wonderful if C.S. Lewis were around to be interviewed. Mere Christianity really spelled it out for us in easier terms. I love your blog by the way.