16 November 2009

A prayer for Our Bishop's Fall Assembly

16 NOVEMBER 2009. Dear Bishops engaged in the Fall General Assembly in Baltimore, we the faithful offer our prayers to Our Lord Jesus Christ for the successful and fruitful conduct of your assembly. May your time together both renew your spirit as pastors of the Church in the United States and renew your resolve to faithfully and collegially address the many challenges confronting the faithful in today's world.

May the Holy Spirit, ever the guide of our lives, descend upon you and remain with you through your discussions, contemplation, and work of these assembly days. And, may Our Lady of Guadalupe, protectress of the Americas, protect, indeed, your good work and carry it as an offering to God our Father, by the grace and power of her intercession.

In the name of Christ Our Lord, we pray. Amen.

IMAGE: From Cardinal Se├ín Patrick O'Malley’s Blog—www.cardinalseansblog.org

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