16 December 2009

Blessed Sebastian Maggi

16 DECEMBER 2009. Today we celebrate the feast day (optional memorial) of Blessed Sebastian Maggi, a Fifteenth Century Dominican Friar.

From the Dominican supplement to the Liturgy of the Hours, we find the following:
Blessed Sebastian, the son of a noble family, was born at Brescia, Italy in 1414 and entered the Order in 1429. Twice he was Vicar General of the reformed Province of Lombardy and served as prior in several convents. He was severe in his personal life, but kind and patient in his dealings with others. He was one of the notable reformers of Dominican life in the fifteenth century. He died at Genoa at the monastery of Santa Maria di Castello in 1496.
History has written of Blessed Sebastian that his greatest virtues were seen in his governing. As the prior of several convents, Blessed Sebastian often loved with his own hands to wait on his Dominican sisters and brothers and to minister to them when they were ill. It was commonly said that when Blessed Sebastian visited the sick, he did so with as much joy as attending a wedding. As prior, Blessed Sebastian was also known to correct his charges with great indulgence and compassion if they readily admitted their faults. At the same time, Sebastian was very strict in his own religious observances, which earned him great love and reverence from his brethren.

Blessed Sebastian Maggi was beatified by Pope Clement XIII.


God of faithfulness, 
you made Blessed Sebastian and outstanding example 
of evangelical perfection and truth. 
By following his example may we enter the path 
to perfect charity and deepen the life of the spirit 
through penance and so obtain your glory and eternal life. 

We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, 
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, 
one God, for ever and ever.


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