17 January 2010


17 JANUARY 2010. Today the Church celebrates the second Sunday in ordinary time, or (more properly) the Sunday of the second week in ordinary time. This is because the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord (last Sunday) was actually the last day of the Christmas season.

So, on this day that the Church recalls the Jesus' miracle at the wedding feast at Cana, a happy beginning of ordinary time to all!

Today's readings can be found here. The Gospel message today is a continuation of the manifestation of Christ's divinity and messianic nature that we have celebrated the previous two Sundays. First, the Magi paid homage to the Christ child, then we see God the Father announcing that Jesus is His Son at His Baptism in the River Jordan, and today we are witness to the first of Jesus' miracles and at the end of the Gospel we hear: "and his disciples began to believe in him."

We, like the disciples, are early in our faith journey. On this earth, we are called to proclaim that Christ is Lord, and act in accordance with that proclamation. Mere faith is not enough, our life must give light to that faith, externally and internally--in what we do or choose not to do, and in what we think and believe.

Some have said that it is God's wrath that has been visited on Haiti. This belief is not true. Because Our Lord created nature and allows it to take its course, bad things happen. However, like the image of the Hatian crucifix that is still standing in front of the destroyed church, Our Lord is always with us--even in times like these, even for the people of Haiti.

Pray for all the pour souls in Haiti that have lost their lives in the earthquake and its aftermath. Pray for all those who are left behind to put together the pieces of their lives. And, if you have not already, make a donation to Catholic Relief Services which is heading the Church's universal response to the devastation in Haiti.

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