01 May 2010

On the road

1 MAY 2010. I have been on the road and working some very long hours the last few days. As such, I was not able to post pieces on Saint Catherine of Siena and Saint Pius V over the last couple of days.

My intent for this blog is that it remain up to date with the Church's calendar, so that readers can experience the beautiful cycle of solemnities, feasts, and feast days as the liturgical year progresses. If I wrote posts out of sequence with the calendar, I fear that Acta Sanctorum would merely be encyclopedic. So, I am inclined to not write posts on either Saint Catherine of Siena or Saint Pius V now after the fact.

But, tell me what you think. 

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  1. LOVE THE LOCATION PIC... I LIVE SOUTH OF YOU................... I 4 AND 275... KEEPP GOING