10 November 2010

The Death of Life

Why death in a church in Iraq?
Why death in the womb of an unwanted?
Why death alone on a street, tethered to sin?
Why death to come daily from our impurities within?

Death is no more an ending, that we are a begin.
Death is no more a victor, than we can rule on our own over sin.
Death is no more a curtain, than a veil for what lies within.

Death is a beginning.
Born into eternal life.
Death is a beginning.
Our hopes in Christ Jesus risen for us, His sons and daughters.
Death is a beginning.
The purpose for which we have been born.
Not to die, but to live with Him for eternity.

So, pray for the dead - that they may see the Christ.
Pray for the faithful who have gone before us.
And pray for those less sure of their path in the hereafter.
Pray for all souls, for one day we will join them.
May each of us reach Christ in the end.


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