02 February 2012

Present Yourselves to Christ, as He was Made Present in the Temple

2 FEBRUARY 2012. Today the Church celebrates the feast of the presentation of the Lord in the temple--remembering that point in the life of the infant Christ that He was brought to the temple according to the Law of Moses to complete Mary's ritual cleansing after childbirth. Upon seeing the Christ child, Simeon sang out his praise (Lk 2:29-32) which still echoes--ever relevant-- in the Church today.

Pray that we, like Simeon, will be as complete and full joy each time we see Christ, especially in the Eucharist--the gift of His very physical being for us.


O Christ, loving redeemer,
bring your grace to our aid and swell our heats with joy
at our every meeting with You, 
especially in Your physical presence, under the white veil,
in the Blessed Sacrament.
May I never take for granted, 
relying wholly upon the assistance of the Holy Spirit, 
Your coming among us, for our salvation, as one of us.
The creator, who for our sake,
lowered Himself to us, His creation.
In this feast of  Candlemas, You are presented to God and the community
as one among us, Israel.
Truly, as you lowered Yourself,
may we be raised, relying entirely on You and the love
and assistance of the Most Blessed Virgin,
to praise you and give ourselves entirely to You,
who by your sacrifice,
freely given,
make Your very Self, the most precious gift for us.


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