19 June 2012

Litrugical Reform of Vatican Council II

19 JUNE 2012. With a nod of appreciation to the good folks over at New Liturgical Movement, below is a video from Catholic News Service, featuring comments from Father Jeremy Driscoll, OSB on the liturgical reforms of Vatican Council II. Father Driscoll's points are well said, and I would only take issue with one use of language.

At the end of the video, Father describes the Mass as a "product." In our consumer driven world, the term "product" may give the impression that the Mass is something there for the assembly's consumption. Indeed, the Mass is a sacrament--an external reality of an internal grace--but, the purpose of the Mass is to worship our loving God and creator and savior of mankind; not to have a deep connection with person your holding hands with. If I could suggest any change to Father Driscoll, it would be to replace "product" with "expression of the sacrament." Otherwise, kudos to Father Driscoll. This is well said.

Note especially Father Driscoll's explanation that the history of the Mass is not expressive, but impressive. It forms us, and is always bigger than any community that celebrates the Mass.

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