01 February 2016

Plea for Mercy from the Holy Spirit

Dear Lord, Holy Spirit,
our advocate and guide, who is with us
until the end of time,
we praise you and adore you as true God.
We honor and worship you as our Lord, with us.
We beg you for the gift of God's mercy.
Please show forth on us the Divine Mercy
of Jesus Christ, our savior.
Guide us in all things to exercise this mercy,
through charity to all others;
guide us in all moments and situations,
for we, weak sinners that we are,
are always
in need of your mercy.

May the Holy and Divine Will reign in us, always,
through the gifts of the Holy Spirit,
generously poured forth upon us.
Relying entirely on you, Holy Paracelete, we beseech
You to raise our hearts
to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and
bless us by the unity of our hearts with His
Sacred Heart.

We love you and adore you.
Relying entirely on your mercy and love, we
plead to You to continuously pour forth
the mercy of God upon us, for the greater glory
and honor of the Holy Trinity,
one and true God.

Holy Mother of God,
most chaste spouse of the Holy Spirit,
pray for us now and in all our needs.



  1. Spirit, in my life I see,
    You are God who will walk with me.
    You hold my life in your hands,
    Close beside You I stand,
    I give all my life to You,
    Help me Spirit to be true.