04 July 2009

Our Lady of Good Counsel

4 JULY 2009. While today is not the feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel (April 26), Saturday is Our Lady's day, and today we in the United States celebrate Independence Day, commemorating the birth of our Republic--formed on the basis of tolerance and freedom for all.

Our world, and our nation, are far from perfect. While we in the United States are the product of high ideals, we as Americans often fail to live up to those ideals. So on this holiday that celebrates the founding of our nation, let us invoke Our Lady of Good Counsel as the intermediary and intercessor for all who serve in public office, especially at the highest levels:

God of wisdom and love,
you have sent your Son Jesus to be the light of the world,
and continue to send your Holy Spirit among us
to guide us into the way of truth.

Open our hearts to your word

and let us ponder your actions among us.
Give us your Spirit of wisdom and knowledge,
of understanding and counsel.
With Mary, may we rejoice in your gifts,
and walk in the way of truth and love.

With all your people on earth and in eternity,

we ask this prayer through our Lord Jesus Christ,
in the unity of your loving Spirit,
one holy God, for ever and ever.


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