26 July 2009

A Renewal Prayer

Help me Lord, I beseech thee,
to return to the life that is in union
with thy Word.
For, while thy grace is always
my self is too weak and the temptation
too powerful to rely on my own efforts.
So, trembling before Your majesty,
I beg forgiveness for trying to win this
battle on my own.
I pray for the humility to love You more,
and to be a more perfect servant of Yours.

Jesus Christ, Your command to love
as You did challenges me.
With a humble and contrite heart,
may I always meet this challenge.

My soul longs for You Dear Father, but my
body pines for the desires of the world.
So, I open myself contritely to your Love,
I pray for the humility to truly submit
myself to You.
For in that submission, I hope to achieve
greater love of you , and
greater service to You in Your Name.

Holy Trinity, I adore you and thank You.
All praise and thanksgiving is due to You.
With the assistance of all the Saints,
on whom I rely for their intercession,
and especially with the assistance
of Our Holy Mother, may my prayers
find their way to You. And may
You hear them with a loving heart, for
this your poor, sinful, and damaged

Not only for myself do I pray Lord, but
for Your glory, please allow me to offer my petitions.


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