08 June 2010

Blessed Diana and Blessed Cecilia

Merciful Lord, thank you for the goodness and blessing of cloistered nuns who bear the weight of the world, in prayer for all.

8 JUNE 2010. Today we celebrate the feast day (optional memorial) of Blessed Diana Andalo and Blessed Cecilia, nuns and virgins.

Blessed Diana and Blessed Cecilia were among the very first women to follow Saint Dominic and were among the first members of the Dominican convent in Bologna. Asa they followed Saint Dominic to a life of holiness, today many Dominican and other nuns around the world follow spiritual leaders in examples of holiness, and by their witness teach us holiness.

Pray for cloistered nuns, who are continually praying for the world: pouring themselves out for the world following the model of Christ who emptied Himself for us.

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