02 June 2010

Blessed Sadoc and Companions

2 JUNE 2010. Today we celebrate the feast day (optional memorial) of Blessed Sadoc,a friar and priest who, with his companions, was martyred in A.D. 1260.

Blessed Sadoc studied at the University of Bologna, Italy. He was a Dominican friar who received the habit from Saint Dominic de Guzman himself. At the General Chapter the Dominicans in Bologna in A.D. 1221, Blessed Sadoc was chosen to assist Master Paul of Hungary to establish a province in Hungary. Later, Blessed Sadoc moved  to Poland where he served as preacher for nearly forty years. In A.D. 1260, Blessed Sadoc and his eight Dominican companions from Sandomierz were martyred by the Tartars as they were singing the Salve Regina at Compline. Hence, today Dominicans have a custom of signing the Salve Regina at the deathbed of members of the Order.


Lord Jesus,
in the midst of fierce attacks of the foe
Blessed Sadoc and his companions
greeted the Virgin Mary in song 
and received the longed-for palm of martyrdom. 
After this exile may your merciful and loving Mother
show us to you, 
who live and reign in the unity of the Holy Spirit, 
one God, for ever and ever.


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