15 April 2013

Christ, our Light in this Darkness

15 APRIL 2013.

Shhh . . . .
The stillness in the aftermath still cries,
broken legs and feet and arms lay strewn about,
as the survivors hold each other dear.

Dear, dear child, once a fan of flighted men,
who whizzed by in colored bright array,
taken from this life, flying to God,
now joined to the angels in heaven, evermore.

Our darkness draws us near in the town of bruins,
mighty bears that cannot tear down,
the stillness and sadness that brings us with tears to this town.

Where, O god, is your love in this moment?
Where does your countenance hide?

Ahh . . . . .
there you are in full display.
One helping the other to find their way.
Another comforts another in need.
Some just cry and pray.
Each the face of Christ our Lord,
made present in the terrible reality of this day.

We love you Lord and we know,
that the evil spirit that spawned this death,
cannot overcome the love and mercy
with which You hold us so very tight.
In the darkness, is Christ:
our One True Light.

Christ in the presence of all who give aide,
and Christ in the presence of all who pray.
Christ in the love that is poured out with blood,
for those who toil to love others today.

We love you Lord; You will bring us through,
this dark night and day yet to be born,
tears will still flow and questions to be addressed,
but your Love, O Lord, will see us till the end.

Praise God for His mercy on all who hurt,
He hears their prayer and needs and pains;
provides comfort and grace and the forgiveness of sin,
to all who need a loving friend.


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