04 May 2013

Saint Angelus of Jerusalem

5 MAY 2013. Today the Church remembers a twelfth century martyr and convert from Judaism, Saint Angelus of Jerusalem.

Saint Angelus was born into a Jewish family in Jersusalem in A.D. 1185. He was one of two twins, the other twin was named John. In their youth, both brothers were baptized as Christians when their mother converted to Christianity.

However, Angelus and John endured the misfortune of their parents dying while they were young. Afterwards both brothers entered the Carmelite Order at the age of 18. At the time, both already spoke Greek, Latin, and Hebrew.

At about the age of 26 Angelus was ordained a priest in Jerusalem. Afterwards he traveled throughout Palestine. In his travels, a number of miraculous cures were attributed to Angelus. So many, in fact, that he became famous. Seeking to avoid his fame, Angelus withdrew to a hermitage on Mount Carmel, until he was instructed by Christ in a vision to leave Mount Carmel for Italy to preach against the Albigensians, Bulgars and other heresies.

After arriving in Sicily, again Angelus began attracting crowds for miraculous cures attributed to him.

It was in Sicily that Saint Angelus received his martyr's crown. He was attempting to convert a Cathar Knight named Berenger who was living in incest with his sister. Angelus converted Berenger's sister and convinced to her to leave her brother. But, this enraged Berenger who attacked Angelus with his sword, striking him five times, in front of the Church of SS Filippo e Giocomo in Licata. Angelus died from the wounds suffered in the attack four days afterwards and was buried in the Church of SS Filippo e Giocomo. The year was A.D. 1220. As he lay dying, Angelus prayed for the pardon of his killer.

After his death, his tomb became a sight of pilgrimage, and the Carmelite Order has venerated Angelus as a Saint since at least A.D. 1456. Pope Pius II later approved his cult.

Saint Angelus, pray for us!

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